And the winner is …


Just an hour ago, I had my three year old daughter pick one folded piece of paper from a pile of folded papers, and she alone decided the winner of the contest.

But before I announce the winner, I have to humbly thank each and every person who participated. This was a fun contest, and if you didn’t win—do not fret! I will repeat this contest again, sometime in the future, and any reviews you have already written, or are planning to write, can be included then. 

And now for the announcement … the winner is …. John Zur .

Not only does John have a really cool last name that will sound good in a novel, he read all of my books in record time. Seriously, weeks. He’s a way faster reader than myself. Congratulations, John!

Well, that’s it for now. Although the contest has ended, if anyone out there is still interested in receiving copies of my books in exchange for reviews, all you have to do is ask. I am happy to oblige.

All the best,
Brandon Zenner


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